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Passover begins at sundown on Friday, April 19th with the first Seder and ends on Sunday, April 27th.

    • The Matzah Factory

    • Contact Email: youthprograms@chabad.com
    • Contact Phone: (310) 894-3931
    • Description: Welcome to the Martin Ackermann Model Matzah Factory online registration: PLEASE NOTE: The Matzah Factory is lo ...read moreWelcome to the Martin Ackermann Model Matzah Factory online registration: PLEASE NOTE: The Matzah Factory is located on the 3rd floor at 741 Gayley Ave in Westwood. There is a staircase at the side of the building on the left side. Please use that staircase for access. Matzah Factory tours are scheduled to start promptly at the starting time. Please make sure that you are on time. PARKING: There is NO PARKING IN THE BUILDING. Parking can be found at a meter on the streets nearby or at the parking structure across the street at UCLA for a fee. COST: There is a charge of $12 per participant 2 years old and up. For Groups of 30 and up please call (424) 248-8770 for a special group rate. MODEL MATZAH BAKERY The Model Matzah Bakery also known as the "Matzah Factory" is an experience where participants will get a taste of Pesach (The holiday of Passover) there are 2 parts to the program: Participants will enjoy a humorous play watching as the ancient Pharoah and Moses have it out. Moses pleading, Cajoling and even threatening Pharoah to "LET MY PEOPLE GO"!!! Culminating with the "10 Plagues" and Pharoah finally sending the Jewish people out of Egypt. In the second part of the program particiants will be taken through various rooms: The Wheat Field: Participants will be given stalks of wheat and they will seperate the husks from the seeds, grind the seeds and sift the flour. Rainforest: Participants will locate a Spring of water, draw a bucket of water and mix it with the flour turning it into dough. Matzah Bakery: Participants will be given a piece of dough which they will Roll, Punch Holes into and put in the oven to bake. Additionally, there will be a Photo-Op set up. We are confident that this will be a special and memorable experience for you and your family. WISHING YOU AND YOURS A HAPPY AND KOSHER PASSOVER!!! read less